Macrame Home Decor 5 Ways...

If you love to make Macrame pieces but the idea of adding them to your decor conjures up images of your Nan's house circa 1975, then maybe you need a dose of interior inspiration for how to add your handcrafted hobby pieces to your home.

Macrame has had a cool update in the past few years and is actually a very versatile craft to add a handmade touch to your home... and with all the gorgeous colours of cord now available it's easy to incorporate hand crafted pieces that add a personalised touch to your space and suit any decor style...

Bohemian decor is all about texture, something hand crafted items are perfect for. Use white on white with hints of soft pinks and gold details to steer away from college dorm chic. Fluffy grasses give an airy dreamy quality, as do lovely soft pom poms and tassels on everything. I mean everything. Go wild! Especially on statement pieces like this amazing lampshade.

Image credits, clockwise from top left: 1. Urban Outfitters 2. Anthropologie 3. The Forest Fern on Etsy 4. Anthropologie

If retro is your thing and you actually want to lean into the 70's decor fantasy, then you can still do so in an updated way. Use earthy tones to hint at your hippy connection to the earth, and bring in contemporary versions of retro materials like bamboo, rattan and cane. Round wall hangings give a sense of harmony and well-being without the need to get out the joss sticks and display your crystal collection. I love the bold simplicity of this large scale wall hanging paired with the brown retro dining chairs.

Image credits, clockwise from top left: 1. 2. 3. String & Stone on Etsy 4. 5. Unknown 6. The Little Avocado on Etsy

Who says multi coloured decor can't be grown up? An all out rainbow aesthetic can be super impactful in a fun yet sophisticated way. Pair multicoloured fibres and pom poms with plainer materials like light wood to keep it classy and highlight key areas, like windows or doors with colour pops without needing to paint the whole room. I think these fibre art wall pieces are such a cool way to incorporate brights, and a handmade woven headboard can help add a colour focal point whilst keeping the walls neutral.

Image credits, clockwise from top right: 1. Etsy (no longer available) 2. 3. Etsy Journal 4.

If you feel more at home in serene calming neutrals then you can still add macrame to your scandi decor and keep things minimal. Go for natural coloured fibres in simple geometric patterns and add texture to mid-century style furniture with cushions and trims, in tonal shades of white and greys. Simply structured wall hangings can still become a focal point when done at larger scale, like this asymmetric single knot piece.

Image credits, clockwise from top left: 1. 2. Green Interiors on Etsy 3. Unknown 4. 5. Unknown

If you have a soft spot for a William Morris print and antique brassware, then classic macrame pieces will look at home alongside reclaimed wooden furniture and brown glass bottles of fresh cut flowers. Accent wood cladded walls with groups of hanging planters to bring the country garden inside and hang macrame pieces in amongst collections of vintage household items. Give a cosy, homely feel with hand knotted rugs and cushions in natural colours.

Image credits, clockwise from top left: 1. 2. Unknown 3. 4. The Lettered 5. Unknown 6. 7. Pottery Barn

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